Our Mission:

FirstGEN Fellows is designed to identify, support and advance emerging first generation social justice leaders. The program creates an environment for fellows to explore the social justice field and gain practical advice about what works and what doesn’t from established professionals.  As a result of the program fellows will be in a better position to be successful in their pursuit of social justice careers. FirstGEN Fellows also supports alumni leaders in advocacy and policy as innovative agents for change, and through its programming aims to create a more diverse public sector.

Our Vision:

  • Create a community of social justice leaders by linking fellows and alumni with established professionals.
  • Create learning opportunities to help fellows better understand the public sector, and empower them to make the best professional decisions possible.
  • Create opportunities to learn from each other and build lifelong support systems.

Our Approach:

  • To specifically work with social justice minded first generation college students who may not possess the same support systems, knowledge and networks other students may possess.
  • Provide financial support, to increase the number of first generation college students who are able to participate in this program.
  • Immerse FirstGEN Fellows in demanding Washington, D.C. public sector work environments, which currently include placements with any of the following: CLINIC, LCCRUL and NILC.
  • Provide weekly talent development and leadership programming, which emphasize:
      • How to create option awareness
      • How to build access points
      • How to re-frame networking as community building.